Lonzo Ball, Kyle Kuzma and Josh Hart are already back in the gym
/ Lakers

By Harrison Faigen

Last week we got confirmation that Los Angeles Lakers forward Brandon Ingram was already back in the gym getting ready for next season, and fittingly the stars of the team’s next draft class — Lonzo Ball, Kyle Kuzma and Josh Hart — weren’t far behind.

And given what we know about the Lakers’ plan to help Ball get stronger this summer, it makes sense that the team sent out a photo of him working with weights:

Meanwhile, it wouldn’t be a photo of Kuzma if he wasn’t shooting:

Coming back a whole different monster

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As could be expected, his teammates wasted no time in jumping in to make fun of him:

If it’s surprising that the always-ready-to-roast-Kuzma Hart wasn’t in on the fun there, it might have been because he was too busy getting his own offseason training in at his alma mater:

We working‼️ @shack_fit

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As has been said over and over this offseason, the summer is when this group of young Lakers can take the next step, and not just by adding a free agent or two. This team has so many young players that outperformed expectations last season, and if each of them come back with a few new tools in their toolbox, then the purple and gold are off to the...



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