Lions vs. 49ers: 5 questions with Steven Mullenax of SideLion Report
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By Chris Wilson

Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Niner Noise’s Chris Wilson goes behind enemy lines to preview the San Francisco 49ers’ matchup with the Detroit Lions. Here’s what Steven Mullenax of FanSided’s SideLion Report had to say about the Niners’ Week 2 opponent.

In advance of the San Francisco 49ers’ Week 2 matchup with the Detroit Lions, Niner Noise’s Chris Wilson and SideLion Report’s Site Expert Steven Mullenax answered a set of questions about each team — and Steven didn’t hold back.

Here are Steven’s answers to Chris’ five questions about the 2018 Detroit Lions:

CW: How much of the Detroit Lions’ disappointing Week 1 performance do you attribute to the New York Jets allegedly stealing Detroit’s signals and audibles?

SM: None, really. Anyone who watched the game could see that quarterback Matthew Stafford and his talented receiver corps were having success moving the ball down the field at times. So what happened to reading those signals on those plays? The truth is the Lions’ inability to run the ball, drops by their wideouts and Stafford’s inconsistency really put their offense behind the eight ball throughout the game. Clearly, the Jets were well-prepared and took advantage of every one of the Lions’ mistakes. But even Stafford came out and said they change those hand signals every week. So unless New York had some sort of insider knowledge, it all just seems like unnecessary gloating by a team that hasn’t had much to gloat about the past couple...

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