Liberty Ballers Community Rankings: Mike Muscala
/ 76ers

By Kevin F. Love

Liberty Ballers is asking for the community’s help in ranking the Sixers’ full roster (12 active players, 3 inactive players, 2 two-way players) according to on-court value for the upcoming season. When casting a vote, you should concern yourself only with each player’s ability to contribute to winning this season. You can find the original post here, which includes the Sixers’ projected final roster.

The voting for the #9 spot has concluded, with the community settling on Mike Muscala. Muscala being around the #9 spot makes sense, but TJ McConnell being ahead of both Amir Johnson and Mike Muscala doesn’t. With TJ now advancing to the top 8, that means the community expects Ben Simmons, Markelle Fultz and TJ McConnell to all be within the top eight most valuable players on the team. All of three of those players are most comfortable as point guards, all of them prefer the ball in their hands, and as of now, none of them can shoot.

I’ve been spending too much of my time over the summer watching Hawks’ film and trying to figure out exactly who Mike Muscala is and what he does on the basketball court. I haven’t yet arrived at a concrete answer. Brett Brown has decided he’s a stretch four if we’re going off of the preseason, and it seems that Brown envisions Muscala as an Ersan Ilyasova & Nemanja Bjelica...

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