Liberty Ballers Community Rankings: Amir Johnson
/ 76ers

By Kevin F. Love

Liberty Ballers is asking for the community’s help in ranking the Sixers’ full roster (12 active players, 3 inactive players, 2 two-way players) according to on-court value for the upcoming season. When casting a vote, you should concern yourself only with each player’s ability to contribute to winning this season. So, for example, maybe you believe Markelle Fultz will be a valuable member of the Sixers core over the next 5 seasons, but you also think he’ll be slight negative on the court for most of this season. Meanwhile, you expect Robert Covington to be an integral part of the starting lineup in 2018-2019, but in 3 or 4 years, you expect him to bottom out. From that perspective, Markelle would be the more player over the long haul, but you should place Covington above him in this ranking, due to Covington’s projected positive contributions this year. You can find the original post here, which includes the Sixers’ projected final roster.

NBA fans perpetually underrate Amir Johnson, and this year is no different. Amir, a player who is routinely a plus contributor, comes in on the Liberty Ballers rankings at #10, behind players that are likely negatives. He’s not the sexiest player and his box score numbers don’t pop (4.5 PPG/4.5 RPG/1.6 APG in ‘17-’18), but he simply contributes to winning no matter how unappealing his style may...

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