Learning the system key in determining when Haskins should start
/ Redskins

By By Ryan Homler

In just about two weeks, the Redskins will kick off training camp as we continue to inch closer to the start of the regular season. The return of football activities after a short hiatus will also shift the team's quarterback competition into another gear. Heading into late July, an answer to who will start is far from having a definitive answer.

Charley Casserly, like many others, believes the dilemma will be solved solely based on the play on the field through training camp and the preseason. So if rookie quarterback Dwayne Haskins looks the best, he's fine with sending him out there for Week 1. But if he doesn't, that works too.

"Start at the beginning of the season, you play the best player. Whoever comes out of training camp that gives you the best chance to win, that's who you play," Casserly said. "If it's Case Keenum, fine go with him."

In a case -- no pun intended -- in which Haskins doesn't prove worthy of the starting spot right away, Casserly still sees positives for the young passer in that scenario. Having a veteran like Keenum allows the Redskins to send out a player capable of steering the ship, and it gives Haskins a chance to spend more time perfecting the system, which Casserly sees as the most important thing he needs to prove before seeing the...

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