Lal in: Cowboys receivers coach having an immediate impact
/ Cowboys

By Tom Ryle

Best move of the offseason. Will elevate his unit to the next level. Heir apparent to move up to the coordinator job. Maybe even head coach down the line.

All those are things that have been said about new Dallas Cowboys secondary coach Kris Richard. When his hiring was announced, people were absolutely giddy over what they thought he meant for the team. (And by “people”, I also mean me.) But after the first preseason game against the San Francisco 49ers, the shine has faded a bit for Richard as the defense, particularly the secondary, did a disappointing imitation of Swiss cheese at the end of the first half and for much of the fourth quarter. But, if you want to just base things on that game (and it is always perilous to use that as your basis for much of anything), every one of those glowing phrases to start this article could be applied to another first-year assistant: Wide receivers coach Sanjay Lal. While the secondary was having plenty of issues and seems to deserve the most blame for letting the 49ers score at the ends of both halves, the wide receivers ensured no one would be lamenting the absence of Dez Bryant - at least for the...

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