Lakers Rumors: Gary Payton says LeBron James Jr. will play for Seirra Canyon High School next year
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By Cameron Salce

Former Los Angeles Lakers point guard and NBA Hall of Famer Gary Payton just added more fuel to the LeBron going to the Lakers fire.

Los Angeles Lakers rumors have been running rampant recently. The NBA season has only been over for three days, but the free agency rumors are already heating up rapidly.

Most of that talk surrounds the biggest free agent on the market, LeBron James. He has continuously said his family will play a big role in his decision and the latest news about his son could foreshadow where the king will place his throne next season.

LeBron James Jr., his oldest son, is in a similar situation to his father this summer. He is the number one incoming freshman basketball prospect in the nation and he has yet to pick a school to play for.

However, Gary Payton might have just broken the news for the James family.

He told Black Sports Online’s Sheena Marie that LeBron James Jr. is committed to play high school basketball for Sierra Canyon located in Chatsworth, California.

The Sierra Canyon Trailblazers won the state title last season, and are already one of the more talented teams in the...

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