Lakers Noon Rundown Friday 1/7/2022
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By going small, the Lakers are also going younger

They didn’t make any major roster changes, but in shifting their identity to a mostly small-ball team, the Lakers also infused their lineup with some much-needed youth. - Read More

Dwight Howard admits ‘rollercoaster’ role with Lakers has been ‘tough’

Dwight Howard has been in and out of the rotation for the Lakers, but he says he’s just focused on trying to help this team whenever he gets the chance to. - Read More

Don’t expect the Lakers’ rotation to be consistent anytime soon

Frank Vogel says the Lakers are going to continue to experiment and evaluate as they get more players back from injuries and continue to integrate the ones who have already returned. - Read More

Frank Vogel isn’t worried about how hard the Lakers’ remaining schedule is

Frank Vogel says the Lakers can compete with anyone when they’re healthy, so he doesn’t care how hard their opponents are the rest of the way. - Read More