Lakers guard Josh Hart seen at E3 Fortnite event with NBA free agent Paul George
/ Lakers

By AnthonyIrwinLA

The Los Angeles Lakers are definitely going to sign Paul George this summer. So that’s cool. George was seen with Josh Hart at an E3 Fornite event, which basically provides enough confirmation for everyone to rush out and grab their George, Lakers jerseys, so long as you’re confident enough at guessing which number he’ll wear.

SB Nation’s own Whitney Medworth first brought this to Twitter’s attention, and then Lakers Twitter did their thing from there.

pg and josh hart walked out to the fortnite pro am together he’s definitely going to LA

I already considered Hart the kind of role player who could impact a finals series, but this puts him up their amongst the Lakers’ most valuable assets to be completely and perfectly honest.

Here’s one last look just for good measure.

Like he said he’s got us

Can we just take a quick second to think about the difference in size and athleticism between Hart, George and just about everyone else at this event? How many Fortnite players would have to team up to merely have a chance against those two? I’d probably say a starting five would be necessary against Hart and George and even then I’m not particularly confident....

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