Lack of pass rush? Gruden sets record straight
/ Redskins

By By JP Finlay

The Redskins only sacked Sam Bradford twice last Sunday in Arizona, and despite the dominant defensive effort in a 24-6 win, some Redskins fans worry about the lack of pass rush. 

For Jay Gruden, that isn't the case. 

"We do have to do a better job with our four-man rush getting more pressure but I think that will come," the head coach explained on the Redskins Talk podcast.

"Overall I think we were so aware of where David Johnson was, we wanted to make sure we kept him in check and then got to the passer a little bit later."

The last time Washington faced Arizona in 2016, Johnson went for more than 170 total yards and two TDs. He destroyed any chance at a Redskins win with a 13-yard run on a fourth down conversion in the second half that sealed the Cardinals victory.

Last Sunday, it was obvious the Redskins learned their lesson. 

The Redskins held Johnson to under 40 yards rushing, and almost more importantly, the skilled running back only had 30 yards receiving. Johnson is a dynamic back out of the backfield in the pass game, and Washington's defensive scheme clearly focused on keeping him...

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