Kyrie Irving hasn’t talked to management about LeBron rumors
/ Celtics

By Quenton S. Albertie

Speaking to reporters on Tuesday, Boston Celtics point guard Kyrie Irving said he’s had discussions with front office executives about the team’s direction. However, he hasn’t talked to the team about the rumors that LeBron James would have interest in joining the Celtics.

Kyrie Irving said he has had open discussions with management about the team’s direction. Asked if he’s had any chats with the team about the LeBron rumors, Irving replied, “Nah. No.”

— Jay King (@ByJayKing) June 12, 2018

Irving and James, who is considered the best player in the NBA, were teammates for three seasons and considered one of the most dominant duos in the league. The two led the Cleveland Cavaliers to three NBA Finals appearances and the city’s first professional championship in 52 years but ultimately, the success wasn’t enough to keep Irving satisfied.

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There were said to be multiple reasons why Irving requested a trade last summer and among them was a friction with James caused by James’ seemingly overbearing leadership style and the type of star power that can outshadow any player in the...

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