Knicks: What would it take for New York to trade up in the Draft?

By Daniel Lubofsky

With the New York Knicks considering a move up in the 2018 NBA Draft, it’s interesting to speculate what they would have to give up in order to do so.

According to ESPN’s Ian Begley, teams have reached out to gauge the New York Knicks’ desire to potentially move up in the 2018 NBA Draft.

This report stems from people within the Knicks organization taking a liking to University of Missouri product Michael Porter Jr., while also being well aware he may not be available when their pick comes around.

Currently slated at No. 9 overall, New York could cross their fingers in the hopes that Porter falls to them. Or, they could execute a trade with one of the eight teams ahead of them, increasing their odds of landing who they want.

The obvious question is: What would the Knicks have to give up in order to move up in the draft, and which team would be willing to partake in such a trade?

For starters, they would most likely be swapping picks with whomever this hypothetical deal takes place with, but that can’t possibly be enough to get a deal done. No team drafting ahead of New York would downgrade their pick without extra compensation in...

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