Knicks mock draft roundup - 6/14/18

By Alex Wolfe


Batten down the hatches! Raise the mizzenmast! Ruddilize the rudder!

Ok, I don’t know how to sail a boat, but I do know mock drafts. So let’s take a look at some together and see who the Knicks are supposedly going to pick one week from today!

UPROXX: The Knicks select Mikal Bridges, junior F, Villanova. A new entry?! Why, I was beginning to lose hope, this late in the process. But I found one! And, surprise surprise, the Knicks are taking the player that is maybe the most sensible outcome — 3-and-D specialist Mikal Bridges. (Last update: 6/12)

This wouldn’t be a typical Knicks pick but Bridges is the best player available. A potential defensive pairing of Bridges and Frank Ntilikina would be a lot of fun and the Knicks also need a floor-spacer. It has to be said that Bridges may not have the highest ceiling but his 3-and-D projection (with room to grow beyond that) is enticing for a team that needs to hit this pick.

Sports Illustrated: The Knicks select Mikal Bridges, junior F, Villanova. SI planted their foot firmly and pivoted this week, changing the Knicks from Trae Young (he’s gone to the Bulls at 7 now) to Mr. Safe Pick, Mikal Bridges. (Last update:...

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