Keys to Denver Nuggets at Chicago Bulls
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By Peter Hooper

The keys to the Denver Nuggets at Chicago Bulls game.

Looking at the big picture for the Denver Nuggets, there is a lot to be happy about. As far as tonight’s game, there are a few things that the Denver Nuggets will need to focus on to ensure victory.

Denver’s Fab Five

First and foremost, Denver’s starters need bounce back from their recent funk. Lately, they have looked like anything but the their regular selves.

Paul Millsap (34.5%), Jamal Murray (37.8%), Gary Harris (39.6%) , Nikola Jokic (39.6%), were all respectable from 3 last year.

Tonight, Denver’s starters need to light things up from deep. After all, Denver’s recent bench play has been an encouraging development because the starters are expected to at least duplicate, if not excel their production last year.

As is sometimes said, the best defense can be one’s offense. With the Chicago Bulls arguably being the new Denver Nuggets of the East. (That is, a team rife with weapons from their starters right through to their bench). The Denver Nuggets would do well to ensure both the starters and back ups, play...

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