Keep Sounding: Washington has a bad team name and maybe a bad team?
/ Panthers

By Jonathan DeLong

Brian, Brad, and Jon try to go through an entire episode about the Carolina Panthers against Washington’s football team without actually saying the name of Washington’s football team. Let me tell you. It’s no easy task. Two of your three hosts succeed (I think) while one fails multiple times.

We actually talk about football stuff, like the fact that Alex Smith doesn’t like his wide receivers and is throwing all his passes to backs and tight ends. Also all the receivers are hurt. Good times. Washington is supposed to have a defense, though it’s apparently no thanks to Josh Norman. We talk about our expectations and, as always, we give our final score predictions for the game.

And if you liked last episode, you’ll be happy to know that there is some residual complaining about last week’s master class in bad coaching. It’s not a simple rehashing of Wednesday’s show. We have new information to complain about. We keep it fresh with our coach complaints.

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