Keanu Neal is healing faster than Wolverine from his ACL surgery
/ Falcons

By Matthew Chambers

Keanu Neal may have torn his ACL in week 1 against the Philadelphia Eagles, but he’s been attacking his rehab. He posted a clip on his Instagram earlier this month, but we now have the full video courtesy of The Uninterrupted.

We get a better look into Neal’s rehab, which appears to be going very, very well.

Wolverine of the X-Men, known for his super-fast healing mutant abilities that allowed scientists to give him his adamantium skelaton and claws, has got nothing on Keanu Neal.

Neal tore his ACL on September 6, so it is impressive to see him look so good in his rehab. The only positive from an injury so early in the season is Neal should be healthy and a full-go at training camp. For those of us stuck watching Jordan Richards on Sundays, Neal can’t get back soon enough.

Neal was expected to take a big step in his third NFL season. Coming off a Pro Bowl 2017, many expected Neal to solidify his spot as one of the best safeties in the league. Indeed, Carter Breazeale put together an ode to Neal’s season that never happened....

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