Jimmy Butler on what has gone wrong with Timberwolves
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On Wednesday, Minnesota Timberwolves guard Jimmy Butler sat down for an interview with ESPN's Rachel Nichols to discuss returning to practice, his relationship with head coach Tom Thibodeau and his future with the organization. An edited transcript of the interview appears below:

Nichols: You returned to practice for the first time with the Wolves, and I'm just gonna read a little bit of Adrian Wojnarowski's report on what happened there, that you were loud, emotional, passionate, targeting coach Tom Thibodeau, teammates like Karl-Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins, that you told GM Scott Layden quote: "You f---ing need me." How would you describe what happened today?

Butler: A lot of it's true. A lot of it is true, but you got to think, I haven't played basketball in so long and I'm so passionate and I love the game and I don't do it for any other reason except to compete and to go up against the best to try and prove I can hang. So all my emotion came out at one time. Was it the right way to do it? No. But I can't control that when I'm out there competing. That's my love of the game, that's raw me. Me at my finest, me at my purest. That's what you're going to get inside the...

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