Jimmy Butler narrowly avoids tears, battles through Hot Ones challenge
/ 76ers

By By Reina Kern

Jimmy Butler was not ready to get one-upped by his teammate. Last summer, Joel Embiid joined the web series Hot Ones to test his ability to chomp on some of the hottest wings. But when it was Butler's turn this time around, he dominated the challenge Rocky Balboa-style. And of course, he kept the fans entertained in the process.

Four-time All-Star “Jimmy Buckets” was hesitant at first.

“It’s not me — hot food,” he said, shaking his head at the line of 10 wings that awaited his conquest.

But like any freak athlete, the pressure of Embiid's outdoing him got Butler into the zone and ready to take down the hellish wings. Yet, it didn’t come without a little praying to the gods of salvation before the contest and interview commenced.

Hot Ones host Sean Evans drew up conversation about Butler's reputation as a “man of the people” in his community.

He can often be seen pulling up in a mini-van with a bumper sticker saying “baby on board” in parking lots and on highways. And when he does make a trip to the grocery story, Butler will even offer to pay the bill of the person standing in line behind...

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