Jets PM Rundown Tuesday 1/12/2021
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What Makes a Good Head Coach?

Yesterday I wrote about the necessity for NFL teams to hire head coaches who are focused on the entire team. I think this speaks to a larger issue. Teams don’t really know what to look for in head... - Read More

Podcast: Jets Coaching Questions

.The Jets coaching search has entered its second week. A second round of interviews is reportedly scheduled to begin. We don’t have any word yet about whether former Eagles head coach Doug Pederson... - Read More

Why I’m Excited About the Prospect of Robert Saleh

Earlier today it was revealed that Robert Saleh was the first known finalist for the vacant Jets head coaching position. The team are flying the current San Francisco 49’ers defensive coordinator... - Read More

Jets coaching search: How Eagles’ Howie Roseman is forcing Joe Douglas’ hand with 49ers’ Robert Saleh after firing Doug Pederson

Will the New York Jets hire 49ers defensive coordinator Robert Saleh? The Philadelphia Eagles also are interested in Saleh, after firing head coach Doug Pederson on Monday. - Read More

Should the NY Jets make Doug Pederson the team’s next head coach?

Should the NY Jets hire the recently-released Doug Pederson this offseason? The Philadelphia Eagles have fired head coach Doug Pederson. The NY Jets are cu... - Read More

NY Jets: Evaluating Justin Fields’ performance against Alabama

The NY Jets were certainly keeping a close eye on Justin Fields on Monday night. In a game where your team loses by 28 points in the national title game, i... - Read More