Jets Noon Rundown Saturday 12/26/2020
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Is Zach Wilson a legit option for the Jets with the No. 2 pick?

The Jets will have a big decision on their hands in April if they own the No. 2 pick. Do they draft a quarterback? Do they trade the pick? Do they draft someone else? If they go with a quarterback,… - Read More

Foley Fatukasi's reaction to Jets winning without him? 'All I could do is smile'

Foley Fatukasi wasn’t present for the Jets’ win over the Rams last week, but he was watching from home. Fatukasi missed last week’s game against Los Angeles as a result of the NFL… - Read More

As Jets’ Sam Darnold’s future remains up in the air, fellow 2018 pick Baker Mayfield appears to be Browns’ future

New York Jets quarterback Sam Darnold has struggled during his three NFL seasons, while Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield has taken the reins as the team's franchise QB. - Read More