Jeff Green flattered by comparisons to LeBron James
/ Wizards

By By Chase Hughes

Playing last season with LeBron James surely had an effect on Jeff Green, who is now with the Wizards after signing a free agent deal over the summer. Green learned plenty by sharing the court with James during games and practices and seeing all that goes into making him the great player that he is.

But does Green actually play like James, does his game have real parallels to one of the best players to ever pick up a basketball?

Bradley Beal, Green's new teammate, thinks so.

"I always say Jeff is a star, man, because he's built like LeBron and almost plays like him in so many ways," Beal said. 

Nothing against Green, who has had a very successful NBA career. But that is high praise, really, for anyone in today's game. James is the best player in the NBA, whether he wins MVP awards or not. Green has long been a good player but hasn't made the All-Star team or been a Finals MVP like James.

And when it comes to their physical build, James may be the most gifted athlete to ever play the game. His combination of size, speed and coordination have never been seen before, arguably in any sport. Though they are a similar height, James might have him by 20...

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