Jameis Winston vs. Marcus Mariota: Then and Now
/ Buccaneers

By DT25

2015: what a time to be alive. The Bucs were terrible the year before (more terrible than usual), blew a late lead in the final game of the season and landed the #1 overall pick in the draft. We all remember the debates from the 2015 offseason. Which quarterback should the Buccaneers take? Jameis Winston, the pro-ready gunslinger? Or Marcus Mariota, the quiet boring one? Those were the days.

Apparently, ESPN Insider had similar discussions with several NFL execs in 2015 to determine their opinions on the matter and have since followed up to see how (if) their thoughts have changed.

What he said in 2015: "Early on, I'd rather have Winston because he is more ready to operate within a pro offense, command the huddle. I see that personality, that energy. He believes too much in his arm. The coaches can tame that down. Long term, Mariota with a good QB coach will show. He will be like the guy who sat for two years and had an excellent career. Aaron Rodgers had that. Steve Young had that. When Mariota gets it, he is going to be good and will not beat...

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