Jamal Adams believes Baker Mayfield can be special
/ Jets

By Soyica Lyles

New York Jets safety Jamal Adams is the most passionate member of its defense. Equally, quarterback Baker Mayfield was the fearless leader of the high-powered Oklahoma Sooners offense. For these two similarities, could this relationship explain why Adams believes Mayfield can be special?

Would it be presumptuous to assert that Jamal Adams has earned some credibility making the argument that a player like Baker Mayfield is special and whether he can make the Jets a better team? During Adams’ rookie season with the New York Jets, he certainly played with the heart and guts that demonstrates his love and devotion to the game.

Even throughout the offseason, Adams’ attitude towards personal and professional improvement is not only promising but are perhaps an indication of something profoundly special in the near future. Additionally, if a player like Adams who sees a similar mind frame and approach to the game and winning in another player, then naturally there may be something special in store.

Aside from the numbers, Mayfield has the acumen, the grit, the fearlessness and the same gutsiness as Adams all wrapped up in a ball of alpha swag. Whether you’re one who prefers your quarterback with a little less swag or instead one with more caution and wholesomeness, Adams unapologetically believes Mayfield “definitely has the swagger and energy and confidence” needed to become an elite NFL...

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