Jabari Parker is a gamble the Mavericks probably shouldn’t take
/ Mavericks

By Sam Guertler

The Dallas Mavericks are locked and loaded this summer as one of the few teams with ample cap space to chase free agents. Mark Cuban has expressed the desire to use that space, whether that’s signing players, trading for players, or absorbing contracts, so they’re going to do something, that much is sure. Meanwhile, things have become a little tense in Milwaukee with the Bucks and 23-year-old Jabari Parker. Could the Mavs swoop in and pick up the second overall pick in the 2014 draft?

A few years ago it seemed futile to think about Jabari Parker’s free agency. After one season at Duke where he averaged 19 points and nine rebounds, the Milwaukee Bucks selected him second overall to pair with budding star Giannis Antetokounmpo. The foundation pieces had been set, so it seemed, but a cruel and twisted fate had other plans.

Parker was limited to 25 games in his rookie season because of a left anterior cruciate ligament tear. After rehabilitation he was able to play 76 games in his second season, and really began to blossom in his third year. He saw his scoring average increase from 12 points, to 14, and then 20 in his third NBA season. He increased his range, took advantage of his size to bully smaller defenders and used his quickness to beat bigger defenders....

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