It’s officially D’Angelo Russell time ... and his team?
/ Nets

By Anthony Puccio

D’Angelo Russell is no longer loading. His time is now (or N:0W?)

With Jeremy Lin on his way out, this leaves little doubt that this team goes wherever Russell takes it. Plagued by injury last season, Russell hasn’t really gotten the chance to assert himself as “the guy” in Brooklyn. He missed 34 games last season and the Nets have now added pieces that should help them in certain areas.

Despite some bumps and bruises along the way, he sounds like he’s ready.

“I want to be that point guard or better yet, lead guard when I have the ball in my hands. I want to develop that trust with the coaches and the players around met that I’m going to make the right play when the ball is in my hands, especially at the end of games. I want to show that I can finish it out,” Russell told NetsDaily.

The Nets are extremely high on Russell. They’re enamored of many parts of his game, but none more than his court vision. The ball is going to be in his hands. He wants it there. They want it...

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