It’s hard to tell if the NFL just got harder or easier
/ Steelers

By Noah Strackbein

The NFL just got harder… or easier…. or both.

The NFL got confusing. 24 hours after the New England Patriots failed to bring a trophy back to Boston, their coaching staff decided to explode. Not vocally, actually explode.

Both Bill Belichick’s offensive and defensive coordinators decided their time as an assistant is over and took head coaching jobs. Now, no one can tell if the NFL got harder, or if the best team in it got worse.

Josh McDaniels is headed for head coaching try number two. The Indianapolis Colt’s newest head coach will take on a team with hole after hole, but two of the brightest young quarterbacks in the game. A position on the field he’s proven he can work with.

Whether or not he actually turns this team around won’t be revealed for two or three years. Andrew Luck didn’t play a game last season, Frank Gore is 110-years-old and outside of TY Hilton, most NFL fans outside of Indianapolis probably can’t name more than five players.

Then, Matt Patricia finally took the leap and has begun his head coaching voyage. Is he’s going to pull it off? No idea, but with Belichick’s track record, you have to assume he’ll have some...

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