Is there any downside to Sixers resting Embiid for road trip?
/ 76ers

By By Noah Levick

Seventy-six games down, six to go.

In our observations this week, we examine the Sixers' move to rest Joel Embiid and highlight a key question facing the Sixers following assistant coach Billy Lange's departure for St. Joe's and Jim O'Brien's return to the front of the bench to take charge of the defense. 

• In my mind, there are a few potential downsides to the Sixers' decision to rest Embiid, none of which hold much weight when examined closer.

1. It could stunt the team’s growth as the playoffs approach
The Sixers’ new starting five has played just 10 games together, and they’ve gone pretty well — they’re 8-2. If Embiid plays the final four games of the regular season (along with the four other starters), they’ll have 14 games of experience together, which certainly isn’t a ton for a team looking to make a Finals run.

Still, it’s unlikely three more games would make much of a difference. As we touched on last week, Brett Brown isn’t a believer in installing new, exotic actions or strategies with the season winding now, so it’s not as if Embiid is going to suddenly have to play catch up as far as Xs and Os are...

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