Is it time for the Steelers to bench Vince Williams?
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By Nick Farabaugh

Vince Williams was just awarded a new contract before the start of this season, and he was the obvious starting ILB heading into the preseason. Jon Bostic was the one who was thought to be on the hot seat at ILB, but with Bostic playing at a high level, there’s no way you can sit him without the defense taking a huge hit in the middle.

Unfortunately for Williams, he’s been average at best — but on passing downs, he’s been particularly suspect. The Steelers love to run single-high Cover 3 and Cover 2 Man. Unfortunately for Williams, he’s the person offenses attack constantly. It’s a huge reason why slot receivers and tight ends have been having huge games against the Steelers. Williams has been at the center of lackluster play too. He’s looked lost and even more so, he’s missed tackles.

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The Steelers welcome you to the game with some of the worst tackling you'll ever see. Very well could be the worst tackling unit in the NFL, this should never be a first down,

Missed tackles such as this really worry me. It seems to be a fitting summation of his season so far, but merely reaching out an arm and not wrapping up isn’t going to cut it at all. Vince Williams hasn’t been good vs. the run and this fact causes some worry about the state of the ILBs with him on the field....

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