If the Chicago Bulls take a risk in the draft, who should it be on?

By Pat Hunt

After sitting through a season of less than enjoyable basketball, Chicago Bulls fans do not want to settle for the status quo in the NBA Draft. With the potential to speed up the rebuild, the Bulls must be willing to take a chance on the right guy.

With June 21st quickly approaching, time is dwindling for the Chicago Bulls and the Gar Forman and John Paxson duo to decide on who will be the next big star at the Madhouse on Madison. Projected to likely select 6th after a coin-flip win over the Kings, the world showed it isn’t always fair. The Bulls slipped to 7th while the Kings high-stepped into the top-3. But Gar/Pax can salvage all the lost hope by finally taking a leap of faith and taking a risk in two weeks.

There are two players the Bulls must consider

After sitting through a season of up and down basketball, (thanks Nikola Mirotic) Chicago Bulls fans have made it known they don’t want to settle for a “safe” pick. But that begs the question, “In the midst of a rebuild, is it truly worth taking that kind of chance?” Absolutely. And they can do it by drafting one of two prospects: Michael Porter Jr. or Trae...

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