If Broncos are firing on all cylinders, they CAN beat the Rams
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By Laurie Lattimore-Volkmann

The Denver Broncos are one game below .500 and are about to take on possibly the best team in the NFL right now - the Los Angeles Rams. Most fans and analysts are not giving the Broncos a chance this weekend, but they aren’t Ultimate Fans now are they?


And that’s why we have Colorado-born, Arizona-living SaguaroBronco here to pick us all up and remind us there is hope - even if just a glimmer. After all, no one thought the Broncos could beat the Chiefs, and they darn near did (we won’t dwell on why they didn’t) - so if the coaches can pull their heads out of their you-know-whats (don’t worry, it’s a family show here) and scheme a bunch of running plays for the two best offensive players right now - Royce Freeman and Phillip Lindsay - and the quarterback can protect the ball and the defense can tighten up to protect their respective parts of the field, there are places to exploit the Rams’ few weaknesses.

Yes it will take a miracle - but that’s what we’re used to around...

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