ICYMI: Week 6 on Cat Scratch Reader
/ Panthers

By Walker Clement

Week 6 has been a good one so far, folks. The Panthers had a blast celebrating Graham Gano’s crazy, game-winning field goal; we had a lot of time to dissect why that never should have been necessary in the first place; and Thomas Davis back, y’all! Check out the links below to catch any of that action, and more, that you may have missed from us this week.

Tuesday Turtle Spotlight: Cursed by the presence of offensive coordinators past

It seemed his mere presence in the stadium was enough to put the Panthers offense in a state of complete disorder. The delay of game penalties and wasted timeouts that seemed to be a thing of the past once again reared their heads, and the infamous “grind it out” approach to offense once again manifested itself.

- Jonathan DeLong

The Panthers offensive line is the team’s MVP (so far)

Through Week 5 the Carolina Panthers are sporting a 3-1 record despite the fact that the five offensive linemen with the most snaps played are two unheralded journeymen (Chris Clark and Greg Van Roten), a guy who’s too young (Taylor Moton), a guy who’s too old (Ryan Kalil), and a backup center playing out of position (Tyler...

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