I think I'm kind of out on Fox right now
/ Kings

By Sneaker Freaker

I hope he proves me wrong and I know its only preseason, but I just don't see what I need to be seeing from De'Aaron Fox that shows me he's ready to take it up a level or two. Yes, he might make a slight jump to 12-13 ppg, but we need a leap from him on all fronts. I am not seeing any leadership from Fox on offense or defense. He should be able to set the tone on at least one side of the ball, if not both. As much as I don't like Lonzo Ball, at least when the shot isn't working he is out there rebounding, making plays, and playing pretty good defense. What worries me is when Fox's shot hasn't been falling, I'm not seeing the killer instinct to just try to get to the rim and draw the defense or a foul. Not sensing any urgency or aggressiveness from him at all. Yes, Joerger's system may have a lot to do with this, but when you have Fox's tools and are struggling, at what point do you just put your head down and get to the cup? Make something happen with your Top 3 speed in the league. I want Fox to shove these words down my throat this season, but at this point I am wondering if we can sell high right now and build around Bogi, Giles, and Bagley, the only other players I would even consider wanting on the squad next...

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