How to plan for the five biggest Celtics games
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By Sam Sheehan

The Celtics’ 2018 regular season schedule was released on Friday, and Celtics fans got their first look at what the structure of a (hopefully) championship season would entail. While we might miss the regular season right now, the fact is that sometimes the regular season can be a bit of a grind for more casual fans. Folks who are savvy with their time might want to plan out exactly which games to prioritize as a hot ticket.

Fortunately, I’m here with a full-service resource on game attendance for the upcoming year. Not only will I hand pick the games that are sure to be important, but also offer a light guide to maximizing your in-game experience and planning around your attendance.

Ah, Opening Night...when the emotions of the upcoming season are running wild and there are endless possibilities. The Celtics are hoping for a bounce-back Opening Night and the renewed rivalry with the Sixers is a good place to start, considering their first game against the Sixers last year ignited at 16-game winning streak.

The Celtics have established themselves as the big brother in the divisional rivalry thus far and the game will be a good starting point to see if the additions of Wilson Chandler and a healthy Markelle Fultz have shrunk the gap between the two teams. Celtics fans will also get to see the progress that Ben Simmons has made on his jumper over the offseason first-hand. While I don’t have Simmons’ three point shooting numbers in front of me, feel free to sound off in the comments if you know how many three pointers he hit last...

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