How to make it out of NBA free agency rumors with your sanity
/ Lakers

By AnthonyIrwinLA

At some point, the NBA became a year-round sport. There is no offseason except for maybe August and now, arguably, more attention is paid to transactions than the actual action taking place on the court. The countless free agency rumors, sources, reporters and hours spent speculating on everything is enough to drive anyone insane.

Well, I’m here to help.

On today’s show, I take you through dealing with the way the NBA is covered nowadays, with something of a best practices on how to get through an NBA “offseason.“ Fair warning: This isn‘t foolproof. In fact, most would argue that I myself am something of a fool. Others might have different systems, but I’ll take you through what works for me.

It all starts with wondering who is best served when anything is leaked. Does a former executive want to make sure the moves that led to them now being “former executive” look a little better with a little spin? Does a current executive think they can tweak the news cycle to their benefit? Does an agent think a small little leak here and there might put one of their clients in a better spot and thus secure their services just a little longer? All that needs to be taken into account....

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