How Cowboys and Giants can avoid 0-2 hole, and why it matters
/ Cowboys

By Jordan RaananTodd Archer

The dreaded 0-2. It’s relevant every year around this time.

And why shouldn’t it be? Since 1990, when the NFL went to 12 playoff teams, 87.8 percent of teams who started 0-2 missed the playoffs, according to ESPN Stats & Information. Sure there are outliers -- one each of the past five seasons including the New Orleans Saints last year -- but it’s an unenviable position 16 teams are trying to avoid this week.

Among them are the New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys. They meet Sunday night in a massive game at AT&T Stadium. It’s a contest that will likely determine where each team is headed in 2018.

May the best team avoid 0-2.

Cowboys: They have been winless after two games eight times in franchise history and made the playoffs just once in those seasons. That one time came in 1993 when Emmitt Smith rode to the rescue after a two-game contract holdout. Five times since Jerry Jones has been the owner and general manager the Cowboys have started 0-2. Taking out the ’93 season, the Cowboys have finished 6-10 (2010), 5-11 (2001), 5-11 (2000) and 1-15...

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