How Bradley Beal became (possibly) the best-conditioned athlete in the NBA
/ Wizards

By By Chase Hughes

Bradley Beal is playing so many minutes these days that head coach Scott Brooks is tired of talking about it. Whenever the subject is broached, Brooks bristles at the notion Beal is being overworked.

That is mostly because, as Brooks will quickly mention, Beal's workload is managed in other ways. He gets days off and will be held out of certain drills in practice if it's a heavy week of games.

Brooks' stance is also partly old school. Beal's 37.4 minutes per game are nothing crazy in the context of the history of the NBA. Ten years ago, they would rank 19th in the league. Allen Iverson averaged 41.1 minutes per game for his career.

Wilt Chamberlain once averaged 48.5 minutes across 80 games in the 1961-62 season. That doesn't seem possible, but according to Basketball-Reference it is true.

So, by some measures, Beal's workload is not a major concern. But in the context of the league today, the numbers do stand out. Beal is second in the NBA both in total minutes played and minutes per game.

The time he spends on the floor is also much more strenuous than many of his peers. With John Wall and Dwight Howard injured, and with Otto Porter Jr. now in Chicago, the Wizards are clearly Beal's team. He is the primary focus of everything they do and the ball is in his hands more often than anyone...

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