How Amari Cooper can avoid a slump and improve in 2019
/ Cowboys

By Jack Baker

After Amari Cooper resurrected the Dallas Cowboys 2018 season, how can the young wideout improve on his terrific first season in Big D?

The Dallas Cowboys shocked the football world when they traded their 2019 first round pick for talented, but streaky wide receiver, Amari Cooper. As we all know Amari changed the Cowboys offense tremendously and changed the fortune of the team, going 7-2 once he joined the team.

After a Pro Bowl first season with Dallas, how can Cooper keep the ball rolling and not fall into a slump as he did in Oakland?

For starters, the offense around him will help him get the touches he needs. In Oakland, Cooper was always the guy that the defense keyed on every play. Yes, wide receiver Michael Crabtree was on the roster with Cooper, but he has never been a receiver to take the top off a defense like Amari has proven to be.

Defenses in 2019 will key on running back Ezekiel Elliott, and rightfully so, but with the eyes in the backfield look for No. 19 to make those big plays we saw last...

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