Here’s why the Detroit Lions are no longer the S.O.L.
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By Tredell Suber

Detroit Lions‘ fans grew jaded over the years due to a seemingly never-ending streak of futility. But Bob Quinn and Matt Patricia are working to buck that trend.

It’s a common refrain that has been sung by disgruntled and frustrated Detroit Lions fans for decades now. As the losing seasons continue to mount, the virtual consensus within some pockets of the fan base is that the Lions will never amount to anything because they’re just the “Same Ol’ Lions” (or just S.O.L. for short).

Those same three initials could also stand for another, more blunt, outlook for the Lions but I can’t include the first word here because this is a family friendly webpage! The last two words stand for “outta luck” and in all honesty, as you look back on the history of the Detroit Lions, it wouldn’t be a wholly inaccurate outlook.

For a long time, the franchise did indeed look to be crap out of luck and it didn’t take long for me to feel that sting as a young fan. My Lions fandom really veered towards obsession in 1998 when I was 12-years...

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