Here’s a good reason for Carson Wentz to find Alshon Jeffery this season
/ Eagles

By Geoffrey Knox

As if there aren’t a myriad of reasons for Carson Wentz to target his Philadelphia Eagles teammate Alshon Jeffery already, here’s another.

No one has to convince Carson Wentz, any members of the Philadelphia Eagles coaching staff, or any fan of this team just how important Alshon Jeffery is to Philly’s offense. There isn’t a team in the current NFL that would say no to the possibility of landing him.

If that was the case, you’d have to get a few people on the phone to figure out why that’s the case.

Do yourself a favor. Forget how last season ended. Forget that final pass slipping through Jeffery’s hands. Forget seeing him face down, visibly upset. Think about something for a second. After the disappointment of seeing what seemed like another championship run in the making go awry, ask yourself a question.

Didn’t you, for a moment, tell yourself that there’s no way you could be angry with Jeffery for missing that final pass? Sure you did, and why did you tell yourself that? You did so because you know how reliable he is.

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