Grades: Thunder outlast Jazz in Game 1 as ‘Playoff P’ shows up

By Sinjin Snope

The OKC Thunder came away victorious against the Utah Jazz in Game 1

Well folks, I guess you can safely say that ‘Playoff P’ is a real person. Paul George shot the lights out in the OKC Thunder’s playoff opener, en route to a 116-108 victory over the Utah Jazz. In a game of runs, it was the home team that had more firepower on this night.

Since it was Game 1, both teams seemed to feel each other out from the onset. The young Jazz jumped out to a 16-4 lead, only for the veteran Thunder to respond with a 12-0 run of their own. And, that’s the type of game it was tonight, big swings and haymakers thrown. OKC just seemed to land more of them.

To no one’s surprise, the Jazz are a formidable team. This loss will not affect them, and I expect to see them come out focused and determined in Game 2. The OKC Thunder have to feel good about how they played, however, as a win in the playoffs is never a bad thing.

On to your Game 1 player...

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