Golden Nuggets: Wow, that was quite an oversight
/ 49ers

By Patrick Holloway

So the San Francisco 49ers somehow forgot to add Colin Kaepernick to their photo gallery of memories against the Green Bay Packers. I don’t doubt for a second that was an oversight. An oversight by someone else to not notice that somehow Kaepernick was omitted from photographs.

While the 49ers organization is supportive of Kaepernick, that doesn’t have to mean everyone within it is. So one has to wonder if this was an oversight or something calculated by some knucklehead in the building. The good thing is, the 49ers owned up to it and quickly adjusted things once they were called on it. There’s no way they said, “Hey, let’s omit Kaepernick and if no one notices, great, if they do, we’ll put him in there.” They had to know the consequences of that. They also didn’t make an executive decision to omit Kaepernick and ignore any pleas. They had to know how that was going to go. At the same time, how does someone getting these photographs together just ‘forget’ Kaepernick?Especially after Kap destroyed a team hated by many 49ers fans in the playoffs. Twice....

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