Giants PM Rundown Monday 11/16/2020
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Giants vs. Eagles: 5 plays that changed the game

Let’s go to the film to see which plays helped the Giants secure a victory - Read More

Lawyer for DeAndre Baker accusers arrested for alleged extortion

The charges have been dropped against the ex-Giants cornerback - Read More

Stats and snaps from the Giants 27-17 win over Philadelphia

Looking at the numbers from the Giants game against Philly - Read More

News on DeAndre Baker

Three of Baker's Four accusers have recanted and admitted that they lied. The Fourth didn't even show up for his deposition. Today, the Attorney for the accusers was arrested for Extortion. This... - Read More

Shane Lemieux's solid play keeps Will Hernandez on the bench

Even with New York Giants guard Will Hernandez back in Week 10, rookie Shane Lemieux drew the start and it may stay that way. - Read More

Giants have bought in on Joe Judge and it's paying off

New York Giants players have bought what head coach Joe Judge is selling and now it’s beginning to pay off in big ways. - Read More

All charges dropped against ex-Giants CB Baker

The Broward State Attorney's Office has dropped all charges against former New York Giants cornerback DeAndre Baker. - Read More

Revisionist history: Archie Manning said he had nothing to do with Eli’s Chargers-Giants draft-day trade

Quarterback Eli Manning was the No. 1 pick overall in the 2004 NFL Draft by the San Diego Chargers, who traded his rights to the New York Giants. - Read More

How the Giants Defense Adjusted for the Rematch Against the Eagles

Defensive coordinator Patrick Graham, who felt he let his team down the first time the two division foes met, wasn't going to let that happen a second time. - Read More

Charges to Be Dropped Against Former Giants Cornerback DeAndre Baker

The former Giants cornerback's legal case takes a weird--and seemingly final twist resulting in the charges against him headed toward dismissal. - Read More

Giants Snap Chat: What the Week 10 Snap Counts Reveal

The Giants did a few things differently in their second meeting against the Eagles. Judging by the game's outcome, they worked. - Read More

3 Best fits for CB DeAndre Baker after ex-Giants CB has all charges against him dropped

Former NY Giants CB DeAndre Baker is free to sign with any NFL team, after all charges were dropped against him Monday DeAndre Baker had all charges droppe... - Read More