Giants PM Rundown Mon 6/22/2020
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Giants say PSL holders won’t have to buy 2020 season tickets

Usually, failure to do so would result in loss of PSL  - Read More

Giants make some scouting, staff changes

The New York Giants let go of long-time scouts Ryan Jones and Donnie Etheridge during the offseason, and had another veteran scout, Steve Verderosa, retire. The Giants have begun announcing moves...  - Read More

Will Hernandez film study: What went wrong, and right, for talented young guard in 2019?

Let’s break down Hernandez’s play  - Read More

Giants still have some housecleaning to do before training camp

The New York Giants still have some housecleaning to do, including contracts for much of their draft class, before training camp begins.  - Read More

Giants' Darius Slayton named one of NFL's most intriguing players

New York Giants WR Darius Slayton has been named one of the NFL’s most intriguing project players ahead of the 2020 season.  - Read More

Giants Super Bowl hero Tyree leaving team job

Giants Super Bowl hero David Tyree is leaving his position with the team.  - Read More