Giants news, 10/13: Francesa — "garbage football;" Simms — Eli done as top QB
/ Giants

By Ed Valentine

Good morning, New York Giants fans! The 1-5, drama-ridden, Giants are an easy target for critics these days. On Friday, WFAN’s Mike Francesa and NFL analyst Phil Simms were among those taking aim.

Known for his epic rants, Francesa opened his Friday show by lambasting the Giants. He said they “stink,” have “become a bad football organization” and have produced “half a decade of garbage football.” Here’s more:

“The Giants won three games last year. They’re 1-5 this year. If you take out the 11-5 [2016 season], they had three losing seasons before that. Do the math,” Francesa exclaimed. ”Over the last five years, the Giants have stunk. That’s the math. Over these years, they haven’t either come close to the playoffs, or when they did go to the playoffs, win a playoff game. They have done absolutely nothing.

”This once proud franchise has become one of the real laughingstocks of the NFL. The Giants- if you start with the last game in the playoffs from the 11-5 season, and you go 0-1 there, then you go 3-13, and then you go 1-5 ... the Giants have won four- four!- of their last 23 games. That’s 4-19. 4-19 in the NFL is garbage! That is at the bottom of the league! That is Cleveland Browns territory, and that’s what the Giants have...

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