Game Theory Podcast Weighs in on Atlanta Hawks Over/Unders
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By Chris Guest

The terrific Game Theory Podcast hosted by Sam Vecenie of The Athletic debated taking the over or under for wins on the Atlanta Hawks in a recent episode.

The Atlanta Hawks were slated for 23.5 wins by Las Vegas oddsmakers last month, and all the usual kerfuffle broke out about whether that was too low or too high.

Fittingly, we also explored that question ourselves with a dissection of how many games the Atlanta Hawks would be likely to win in the 2018-19 season.

In a recent Game Theory Podcast, which is hosted by Sam Vecenie of The Athletic and featured frequent guest Dieter Kurtenbach, the two delved into the over/under for the Hawks, and whether or not they believed it was fair, too low or too high.

The pair were split, as Kurtenbach believed that the additions of Jeremy Lin, Vince Carter and Justin Anderson coupled with the baked-in improvement of incumbent Hawks John Collins, Tyler Dorsey and Taurean Prince should be enough to push the Atlanta Hawks above that estimated 23.5 win total that Vegas put forth.

We can certainly see where he’s coming from. The 2017-18 Hawks were one of the most listless and shambolic teams on the court, they actually had a worse record than their net rating would indicate (played like a 27-win team but won only 24 games) and they were generally a mish-mash of rookies, two-way contracts and cagy veterans – at least to start the...

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