Full list of Bengals 2018 draft picks following Cordy Glenn trade
/ Patriots

By Rebecca Toback

After making a major trade with the Buffalo Bills for left tackle Cordy Glenn, there’s been a shakeup with some of the Cincinnati Bengals’ 2018 draft picks and where the team will be selecting.

The Bengals swapped first round picks with the Bills, giving up the No. 12 pick for the No. 21 pick. The Bills also gave the Bengals their fifth round pick, and the Bengals gave the Bills their sixth round pick. That means the Bengals now have three picks in the fifth round and no picks in the sixth round. The Bengals didn’t lose any draft picks in terms of quantity, but did lose what’s said to be the value of a second round pick by exchanging picks with the Bills.

On the traditional chart, they went -400 in the first, +8 or so in the 5th, -392 is roughly equal to pick 51 in the draft. By the traditional chart, they gave up a 2nd rounder of value. https://t.co/ukCN6XMUoq


The Bengals still have 11 draft picks including four compensatory picks, but when they draft has changed in a few rounds. Some other notes include the Bengals losing their own seventh round pick to the Jaguars in the Chris Smith trade and the Bengals gaining a seventh round pick from the Patriots in the Marquis Flowers...

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