For long-term harmony, Cam Newton's mechanics must stay in tune
/ Panthers

By David NewtonESPN Staff Writer

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Much was made last week of Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton throwing for the first time since having shoulder surgery in January.

It’s only natural, as the team's hopes for success are tied to Newton’s right arm.

But it’s what the 2015 NFL MVP has done with his feet and upper body since rehab from his surgery that will have the biggest impact on his future. It’s an extension of a process that began last year to tweak Newton’s mechanics to put less stress on the shoulder and improve his accuracy.

“We’re just keeping him compact, making sure his feet and his eyes are working together,” Panthers quarterbacks coach Scott Turner said. “That’s where we really started. It’s carried over into this offseason, making him a little more compact in his upper body, a little more closed off, just to make him as efficient as possible and putting the least amount of stress possible.

“Now you’re going to put stress on your arm throwing the ball. It’s not a natural movement. But [we’re putting] as little as we can, on his shoulder, to take care of...

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