Five things to watch as the Chiefs face the Patriots
/ Chiefs

By John Dixon

With Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes currently leading greatest-of-all-time, All-Galaxy quarterback Tom Brady in almost all NFL passing statistics — and with the Chiefs at 5-0 and the New England Patriots at 3-2 — the national media is all over this game.

They’d like you to believe that this game will determine if Mahomes is taking “the torch” from Brady’s hands. But it won’t.

Just as the win against the Denver Broncos gave the Chiefs a firm grip on the steering wheel of the AFC West, this game is about whether the Chiefs can get control of the wheel for the entire conference.

As for that torch thingy... it will just have to wait its turn. Mahomes already has his hand on it, but actually wrestling it away from Brady is going to take more than a regular-season win against the Patriots — even in Foxboro. And it’s going to take more than a Chiefs loss to break Mahomes’ grip, too.

So let’s all settle down, and keep an eye on five things to watch during the game:

Watching Andy Reid and Bill Belichick coach these games is like watching two old guys who have sat across from each other at the same chess board in the park every afternoon for the last 20 years. Each intimately know the other guy’s strategies and how to defend against them; more often than not, they fight a battle of attrition that results in a narrow win for one of...

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