Five plays show why Sean McVay is the best young head coach in the NFL
/ Rams

By Sosa Kremenjas

The statement I’m about to make isn’t a hot take. It’s probably the furthest thing from it.

After re-watching the Los Angeles Rams vs Oakland Raiders week one matchup (multiple times), I’ve come away with a handful of plays that show the thought process in which Head Coach Sean McVay schemes plays and how he wanted to attack the Raiders’ defense and why that makes him the best young head coach in the NFL.

(Editor’s note: That’s a hot take.)

First things first, everything works off of the run game. In the first half, the Rams hardly had the ball - and didn’t establish the run whatsoever. Stud running back Todd Gurley had a total of four carries and the Rams offense faltered for it. In the second half things managed to pick up. The offensive line was downright dominant and Gurley was his typical self using his patience to setup their blocks, finding the right hole, and bursting through with explosion.

Here’s a run play from the game:

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The Rams were running an outside zone run play here. LT Andrew Whitworth absolutely buries his guy here, but it’s far enough in the backfield that Gurley realizes he wont be able to bounce the run outside. LG Rodger Saffold and C John Sullivan dominate a DT at the point of attack with a combo block with Sully moving to the second level to find the middle “mike” linebacker. The backside of the play features another three solid blocks by RG Austin Blythe who demolishes his defender, RT Rob Havenstein, and TE Tyler Higbee. The play may not have went for major yardage, but these are the types of run plays that set up an effective play action threat later...

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