Five Miami Dolphins players that should be traded
/ Dolphins

By Brian Miller

The Miami Dolphins got to watch Super Bowl LII on Sunday night and they should realize just how far they are from making it to the season finale.

Over the decades the Dolphins have struggled with cap issues and quarterback issues. Diva receivers and coaching turnover. The Dolphins have changed coaching coordinators and general managers and nothing is really improving the team.

The NFL season is now over, officially. The league new year will not begin until March and teams will now begin working on their own impending free agents and preparing for the start of free agency next month. It is also the time that teams begin discussing trades.

For the Dolphins, there isn’t much on the roster that has value in a trade. The best assets they have is Jarvis Landry and Landry pretty much controls his own fate as it pertains to the Dolphins. Miami could franchise him and then trade him but that is both risky and highly unlikely.

Miami does have some players that might draw interest from other teams. They wouldn’t bring in a bounty of draft picks but they could help reduce the cap and provide an opportunity for the team to draft...

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